2013 Annual Report Financial and Corporate Responsibility Performance
The Right Approach
As United Technologies continues to grow in markets around the world, we bring with us a belief that financial performance and corporate responsibility go hand in hand.
Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S)

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to minimizing the adverse environmental impact of our products, our operations and our supply chain — and to providing a safe work environment for all employees.

At UTC, sustainability means profitable, responsible operations that don't compromise the environmental and economic health of future generations. We were among the first companies to set targets for reducing energy consumption, water use, chemical emissions and industrial waste. We continue to set big goals for ourselves — and to achieve even bigger results. Since 2006, we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 27 percent, water use by 31 percent, chemical emissions by 49 percent and industrial process waste by 37 percent. (View Here.)

Greening the Built Environment

UTC is committed to continuous improvement in the environmental performance of its products. We are a pioneer in the use of natural refrigerants, and our heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems consistently exceed the most stringent energy and environmental standards. We calculate that installations of these high-efficiency systems by customers around the world since 2000 have avoided adding more than 138 million tons of carbon emissions to the atmosphere — the equivalent of taking 29 million cars off the road for a year.

UTC is also a leading voice in promoting green design, believing that protecting the environment is not only the right thing to do — it is also good for business. We were the first company to join the U.S. Green Building Council. We are also a founding member of numerous other green building councils around the world. Carrier continued its highly successful Distinguished Sustainability Lecture Series in 2013. The lecture series brings together experts in sustainable design and representatives of the building industry to discuss the benefits of energy efficiency, conduct training and review trends in what could become a $1.8 trillion market for energy-efficient building design and technology by 2030, according to research we conducted with the Rhodium Group.


The integrity, reputation and profitability of United Technologies depend on the individual actions of our directors, officers, employees and representatives all over the world. Each is responsible and accountable for compliance with our Code of Ethics. And each of us shares the commitment to be world class in all that we do — to aim for outstanding operational and financial performance, the highest ethical conduct in all situations, the safest work environment and the best compliance practices.

Our Code of Ethics provides a framework to help employees make the right decision in any situation. It also embodies our commitment to promoting the behaviors that create a culture of trust, respect and integrity. These include communicating openly, honoring all our commitments and holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards.


UTC wants every employee to feel empowered to speak up about suspected violations of our Code of Ethics. In 2013, we introduced a non-retaliation policy and accompanying handbook to reinforce our long-standing commitment to a safe reporting environment that is free of fear, bullying and other negative consequences. An important channel for doing so is our Ombudsman/DIALOG program, a worldwide, confidential communications network employees can use to ask questions, make suggestions, register complaints and report suspected wrongdoing.

UTC's EH&S professionals around the world are committed to ensuring that our sites meet the highest standards for workplace safety, comply fully with environmental laws and regulations, and achieve UTC's own aggressive 2015 sustainability goals.

Everyone benefits when we make progress toward our EH&S goals. An environmentally responsible company is a better place to work. You can see it in how engaged our employees are.

Bruce Rocks
Georgetown, Texas

We know that by reducing our environmental footprint, we are helping to build a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Ewa Pisula
UTC Aerospace Systems
Wrocław, Poland

We measure success by our ability to integrate UTC's EH&S management system into everything we do, including the operations of newly acquired businesses.

Shef Shang
UTC Climate, Controls & Security
Shanghai, China

We are extremely proud to add Singapore to UTC's growing number of LEED Gold-certified facilities around the world — and to do our part to minimize the company's environmental footprint.

Alice Sam
Pratt & Whitney

Achieving excellence is always a work in progress. We are constantly striving to make environmental stewardship and workplace health and safety part of everyone's job.

Josep Hendrawan
Asia Pacific
Jill Albertelli, Vice President, Procurement, Pratt & Whitney, meets with students at the UTC-sponsored Junior Achievement Global Exchange Program at Yale University, which brought together high school students from the United States and China for a weeklong global business seminar.
Leading in the Community

Our people lead in their communities — volunteering time, talent and expertise. We celebrate and encourage their efforts because we believe United Technologies and our employees can have a positive impact in our communities around the world.

To learn how our employees are making things better, visit www.utc.com/makethingsbetter.