2013 Annual Report Financial and Corporate Responsibility Performance
The Right People
Our employees have a reputation for innovative thinking — aiming for the biggest improvements and the best solutions.

Our high-performance culture attracts the best people in their fields — people of diverse backgrounds working together to solve complex problems.

Our people thrive in an environment where conventional thinking can be challenged and calculated risks taken, achieving ever higher levels of performance in everything they do, from developing new products to finding better ways to serve our customers. It is through their efforts that we are leaders in the highly competitive aerospace and building systems industries. Our high-performance culture succeeds because of our focus on developing, recognizing and rewarding this dedicated, experienced workforce — 212,000 employees around the world speaking more than 30 languages and sharing diverse cultures and beliefs.

We support our employees in their career development in many ways, including our Employee Scholar Program, recognized as one of the world's most generous employee education programs. The program covers the cost of tuition, fees and books for accredited programs for employees anywhere in the world. We have invested more than $1 billion in the program since its launch in 1996, an investment that has led to almost 36,000 degrees earned by our employees. Nearly 8,000 employees participated in the program in 2013, half of them pursuing advanced degrees.

The people of UTC provide the innovative spark that moves us forward. Thanks to their expertise, creativity and passion, UTC was ranked among the world's most innovative companies for the second consecutive year in 2013 by Thomson Reuters.

Carlos Jalomo, Karla Hipolito and Israel Ruiz
Monterrey, Mexico
Samuel Viana
West Palm Beach, Florida
Fábio Silva, Fabiano Pires
São Paulo, Brazil
Ryszard Łach
Rzeszów, Poland
Anais Espinal
East Hartford, Connecticut
Demetrius Brown
Stratford, Connecticut