2013 Annual Report Financial and Corporate Responsibility Performance
Sikorsky is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of military and
commercial helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.
Developed for the Canadian Forces, Sikorsky's new twin-engine CH148 CYCLONE maritime helicopter is designed for multiple missions, including anti-submarine warfare, surveillance, and search and rescue operations. In 2013, Canadian pilots completed preliminary flight training, and Initial Operational Training and Evaluation is targeted for 2014. Photo credit: courtesy Embraer S.A.
  • Employees 16,524
  • Net Sales $6.3 billion
  • Operating Profit $594 million

Military and commercial helicopters; fixed-wing aircraft; spare parts and maintenance, repair and overhaul services for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

Sikorsky continues to build on its heritage of innovation. The S-97 RAIDER next-generation light tactical helicopter, based on Sikorsky's X2 technology, is on track for first flight in 2014. MATRIX technology for autonomous flight is generating strong customer interest, as is the company's new Rig Approach automated system for the S-92 helicopter, which enhances safety by reducing pilot workload during challenging operating conditions.

On the commercial side, Sikorsky finished the year with a backlog of nearly $3 billion — its largest ever — driven by growing demand for offshore transportation in the oil and gas industry. The S-92 helicopter, Sikorsky's best-selling commercial product, is the only helicopter in its class certified to the latest U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and European airworthiness safety standards — a major consideration in the offshore transportation industry. In January 2014, Sikorsky delivered the first S-76D to the Bristow Group, the world's leading provider of helicopter services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S engines, the S-76D has the lowest noise signature in its class, as well as a faster cruise speed and more efficient fuel burn than any of its predecessors in the S-76 line.

First flight of the CH-53K, the U.S. Marine Corps' next-generation heavy-lift helicopter, is expected in late 2014. The CH-53K is the only major helicopter development program currently funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, Sikorsky's biggest customer, and represents potential revenue in excess of $20 billion. The helicopter was designed and manufactured using advanced 3-D virtual reality technology, speeding development, reducing costs and winning recognition for engineering excellence by the U.S. Defense Department and the American Helicopter Society.

Sikorsky is gaining traction internationally with the S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopter. Sikorsky delivered two to the Colombian Army in 2013. It also delivered four S-70i helicopters to the Brunei Ministry of Defence as part of a contract to supply 12 by the end of 2014.

Positioning the company for future growth, Sikorsky successfully teamed with Boeing to design and build the SB>1 DEFIANT demonstrator helicopter for the U.S. government's Joint Multi-Role helicopter program, the first phase in the U.S. government's Future Vertical Lift initiative to develop the next-generation utility and attack helicopter.